The story behind the man

Thomas Hertlein has a proven track record as an international coach and consultant for more than 19 years.


Thomas Hertlein

Thomas Hertlein believes that it is the question that drives you. It is the question that drives you to create a situation, a situation where you are the player and where you play the role of investigating this question.

Thomas Hertlein works as The Human Decoder® and MachoTherapist®. He is the cofounder of Matrix Rooms® and founder of HomoSimplex®, Ganzmenschheitlichkeit® and REadTREAT therapies®, as well as the chairman of the board of the Matrix Room Helsinki Oy and CEO of HomoSimplex SL. Currently, he is working on an international and exclusive playfield. He lives with his wife and 3 children in Spain.


Thomas began his path to entrepreneurship at the young age of 19. Before finishing high school and entering university, he had started his first company, which soon grew into a 185 employee operation.

His endless curiosity towards life and being human kept him busy experiencing different sides of himself. While running 3 more businesses he studied body orientated psychotherapy – specialising in neurosis and psychosis, Eastern philosophies, religions and lived in a monastery for some time.

Wanting to understand the body and its different expressions turned him to acting studies, filmmaking, photography and voice coaching.
During these years, his quest to understand body-brain-behavior connections became the basis for his current vocation.


Thomas has experience in the fields of body-orientated psychotherapy, neurosis and psychosis studies, Eastern and Western bodywork, international business, and martial arts. He is an established airplane pilot, helicopter pilot, and boat captain. He uses his exceptional creativity and skills to create playgrounds for his clients.

He has been involved as a financial supporter and mentor in various social projects. For more than 19 years, he has been an inspiration for top coaches, therapists, and doctors. He has influenced a range of medical arenas and coaching educations through his Holistic Human Understanding.