What is Human Decoding?

“Our brain works in a way similar to a computer. Sometimes we need an update to open new information or we need to learn the language of the program to be able to use it more effectively.

“Imagine life as an organic ‘computer-generated’ matrix – where all programs arise from.

“Life happens within this matrix. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t communicate within different roles. For me, Human Decoding® is about being able to live on two different levels, in two different realities: one reality where you are the player of a certain role or roles and another reality where you are aware of the play, where you learn to understand how everything is connected within the matrix…” –Thomas Hertlein

About Your Roles

“It is nice and gives a lot of freedom, if you can go in and out of the situations you live, the feelings you experience and the truths you are surrounded with. When you are aware of it, then this “in” and “out” happens much more consciously. You can enjoy the “being inside a difficult life situation”, “being inside a business challenge” or “being sick” for example but you know that you are not lost in there. You know that you are not only this role. Then you are also aware that being in a role doesn’t mean that it is not authentic. Because it is very authentic – it is a part of you. Your body is an adaptation to how you interpret life and therefore the roles we are in play big part on how we form our bodies.” – Thomas Hertlein

About the work

Human Decoding® helps you to see the Matrix you are living in, how your brain and body are connected and to understand the patterns you use in different situations. It helps you to identify your main roles and to become a better player. Helping you to see the structure you are in and to establish a reality where you are aware of your play. Then you can improve, change, understand or enjoy the roles you are playing much more aware.

Working with different “roles” means that Thomas does not use one method or one truth to hold on to when he works with his clients. He chooses his opinion based on what he believes is important for his client in the moment. And therefore if he uses provoking opinions it is because in the moment they are needed. They are not (always) his personal opinion of a person, a company or government.

He creates playgrounds and makes new connections to the structures you already have. He is provoking, unconventional and shakes up realities.